ASFA® Offers Advanced Personal Training Test for Fitness Professionals

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Professional fitness trainers worldwide are earning the competitive edge they need to grow their careers with continuing education certifications addressing the latest fitness trends through the American Sports and Fitness Association® (ASFA®).

By continuing their education with ASFA®, personal trainers are taking advantage of a unique opportunity to earn specialized expertise in the fitness areas of their choice, including Advanced Personal Training, allowing them to expand their client base and meet the latest demands of the ever-changing fitness industry.

In addition to ASFA's Advanced Personal Training Certification, ASFA® also offers continuing education in Kettlebell Training, Water Aerobics, Sports Nutrition, Group Fitness and much more.

ASFA® tests are risk-free and available online for as low as $99. 70% is required for certification, and you only pay if you pass.

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